Deafster US Open Championship Golf Squares

US Open Golf September 17 - 20


The Rules:
  • $5.00 per square.
  • You can buy as many squares as you want; one at a time.
  • Your square is not guaranteed until your payment is received.
  • Numbers will be randomly drawn and assigned after all squares are taken.
  • Winning Square: Top Row number is last digit of the winning score,
  • Left Column number is the last digit of the runner up score. If two or
  • more players tie for first then the last digit of the score is used
  • for both top row and left column numbers.
  • Example: Jones wins with a score of -10 and James is second with a
  • score of -9, the winning square is 0 for top row and 9 for column.
  • Second Example: Gordon and Georges tie for first place with a score of
  • of -14, the winning square is 4 for top row and 4 for column.
  • Spider winner is next to winner (up, down, right and left) four per game
  • The Payout:
  • Winner:
  • Four Spiders:

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