Deafster PGA Championship Golf Squares

PGA Championship Golf May 20th - 23rd, 2021


The Rules:
  1. $25.00 per square.
  2. You can buy as many squares as you want; one at a time.
  3. Your square is not guaranteed until your payment is received.
  4. Numbers will be randomly drawn and assigned after all squares are taken.
  5. A different game board will be used for all 4 rounds.
  6. The Winning Square is the Top Row Number and the Left Column Number.
  7. Top Row number is last digit of the low score of the round.
  8. Left Column number is the last digit of the runner up score.
  9. Ties for low round result in both Top Row and Left Column using last number of low score for both.
  10. Example: Jones wins with a score of -10 and James is second with a score of -9, the winning square is 0 for top row and 9 for column.
  11. Second Example: Gordon and Georges tie for first place with a score of -14, the winning square is 4 for top row and 4 for column.
  12. Spider winner is next to winner (up, down, right and left) four per round.
  13. For example, see past Masters.
The Payout:
  • Winner of First Round:
  • Winner of Second Round:
  • Winner of Third Round:
  • Winner of Final Round:
  • Four Spiders per Round:

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